Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Slut walk

Today I stumble on a event on Facebook that I really think is doing a good thing . It´s the Slut walk!  It´s a public, peaceful demonstration against the problem with the lack of support for raped women in society and court. All to often the women only have her self to blame for the rape because that she was wearing too "slutty" cloths. If she dont want to be raped it is recommended for her to dress differently. Off course she is going to be raped if she wears that skirt. What kind of society is that? Not, one I want to live in. How about you?

Sunday, May 29, 2011


This week is a week of finals. The students turn in their papers, their thesis and doing their final exams. Summer is coming, no matter if you like it or not. Last week most of the nation clubs had their last club for the school year, many nations are shutting down there activities this or the next week. Only Uplands, Snerikes and V-dala are open during the summer. Uplands have Sommar (summer)Svante´s, Vdala Taket (the roof) and Snerkies Bryggan (the jetty). They are well worth a visit, I especially enjoy Sommar Svantes, but I don´t think that come as a surprise for any of you. The sad part about summer is that everyone is leaving, the students go home, either to their home country or another part of Sweden that they belong to. It´s time to say good bye to your friends. Some of them you might not meet again, you say that you will keep in touch but soon people forget, the phone calls get fewer and the e-mails shorter. Make sure to stay in contact with them you care for, and remember to not make any promises you can´t keep. BUT enough of that sad talk , we still have a couple of weeks left before it´s good bye time. Have fun and enjoy the little sun we have! 
Sommar Svantes

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Anciant Viking Game

Have you ever heard about the game called KUBB? No? Well let me tell you; Kubb is an ancient viking game that the Swedes are CRAZY about. We play it all summer long, day and night, in rain or sun, (prefible sun) whenever we get a chance. Why is that? Well, to be honest it´s a great game, in my opinion. Everyone can play it, both old and young, it does not take that long to learn it, the game is simple and it gets the conversation going. It is not a sport (!) it is just a nice social game. What about the rule? you might ask. The rules are as many as there are players. Maybe I exaggerating  just a little but almost everyone have there own opinion, so it´s important to decide the rules BEFORE you start. If you never played Kubb I highly recommend it, it´s a blast , but if you already played it you know what I´m taking about.

Your International Secretary

Generation 7 | Upptäck, upplev, delta.

Generation 7 | Upptäck, upplev, delta.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Foregin correspondent

DN is the biggest morning paper in Sweden, it short stands for Dagens Nyheter which simply means today's news. I read this paper every morning together with BBC news and Uppsala Nya tidning (Uppsala Local paper) and it´s an important source of information about the world for me. Today DN took home their foreign correspondents reporters for the news paper and put them on the stage of the Concert House in Stockholm 1300 - 1900. The speeches and discussions are broadcasting live on their web page but also in Economicum Hörsal1. Unfortunately most of it is because natural reasons in Swedish, but maybe some of you out there know some Swedish after being here a wile. But at 1730 it is a interview about the Arabic spring in English that I recommend. http://www.dn.se For all of you who don´t know Swedish but still are interested in reading Swedish news from a Swedish perspective I can recommend the small news paper Local. http://www.thelocal.se

Your International Secretary

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swedish culinary experiance

Being in an other country it is obligatory to experience the county s kitchen and food. What do they eat? Is it tasty? I think that this video in true swenglish will due as a good introduction to our nordic kitchen.


Friday, May 20, 2011

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Fishing for food?

Today I was hanging out next to the river Fyrisån. I was with my class mate that was fishing   in the river for the second time this year. I have no clue about anything that concerns fishing, and apparently it is a whole science. What you fish, how you do it, with what and where. My friend got one small fish that got the hock right trough its eye. He used the eye as baet which I found fascinating. It´s not every day you learn something new, but when you do make sure to remember it. If nothing else you can use your knowledge to win Trivial pursuit.

Your International Secretary 


Isn´t this wonderful! Pimp my BIKE at Uplands the 27 th of May. So many possibilities! Uplands is going to provide paint and the only limit is the sky. Posted by Picasa

Maybe will your bike look something like this: 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kubb tournament!



Yesterday, I attended the International Committee (IK) meeting. The IK is the organisation that all nations international secretaries are a part of. Together we organize event for you (the international and exchange students) and make sure that you are comfortable. Together with the student union “kåren we try to keep you safe and sound and make sure that you have the best semester or year that you can ever have in Uppsala. The IK consist of all the 13 nations international secretaries, one at some nations´ and two at some, as well as a representative from the student union ( the international officer) and our president, vice president and secretary. They work in behind the curtains and work their ass (excuse my expression) of without much credit given to them, few even know they exist. No one of us in the IK get paid except the representative from the student union, but he or she have this as a full time job.
However, this meeting we disused the welcoming week. That is the week before the semester start and all the new international and exchange student arrive. It´s a blast! I can´t wait. All week long we have tons of activities for you that let you get to know the city, the nations and Sweden. The schedule of this week have not been set yet but soon its time for us secretaries to plan what we should treat you to, have some few ideas but that is a secret for now. No matter what we decide, I know it´s going to be a blast. No more on that now though, I´m afraid I will let you guys know to much!  When the time is ready  I will let you know.
Your International Secretary 

I just...

I just wanted to add this link to Uplands photo album so that you can have a look at the previous bal. Click on the event called Vårbal. 

Your International Secretary

The Event of the Year!

Vårbalen or The Spring Bal is OF COURSE the event of the week. I am sure that you haven´t missed that this weekend is the most popular gasque of the year. The party goes on from 18 dk (which in Swedish means dubbel kvart / double 15 min, which means that you appear between 1800 and 1830) until late night. The event cost 430 kr but if you feel that you can´t afford that you can go to släppet or the after party. All the nations have a vårbal and a släpp so it´s just to pick and choose! Remember that the dress code is formal. 
Your International Secretary

Make sure!

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This blog have now the wonderful purpose of letting You know all about what is going on at Uppsala’s finest nation. It will up date you on what is happening, what parties you should attend and the latest news about Uplands Nation AND the rest of the nations in the student town Uppsala. So don´t worry that you will be the last person to know about the hottest events here, keep reading this blog and you will be up to date!