Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer break

The blog will take a break and this because school is taking a break during the summer. This means that there will not be so many happenings and event in the nation world and thereby not so much to wright about. But I promise you that I will be back for the new school year in august. Then I will write about the Welcome week for  the international students at Uppsala University that you can´t miss, I can´t wait.
For all your Swedish ,as well for international students, I will make sure to write about the recce ( newbie at uni) events! See you next semester !

Uplands International secretary

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I think that Uplands should invest in a pool, or at least a we should have some kind of water war! Or maybe just some sun bathing blankets... No I think I´m satisfied by laying on the stage in the garden and rest. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer days

School is out for the summer. The coming days will be filled by something other then the school lectures and library visits. Some of you might take summer classes, just like I´m going to do, but it´s not the same as during the semester. Most of the students are gone, the libraries are not open very often and the city is calm and quiet. Is everyone gone? No, somewhere in the far distant you can here a old bike rattling and a couple is passing by the convenience store. The city is not empty, but it have switched gears, everything is going slower, the people are trying to put the stress behind them. Some are working, some are enjoying their weekation, and everybody is happy for the sun and the warmth. I hope you will enjoy the summer as much as possible.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

what´s happening?

The blog post are switching places and are not in the right time order! What is happening!

Home exam-easier or harder then a hall exam?

Right now I´m struggling with that question above when I´m supposed to do my home exam. What kind of student is that? Stop this nonsense and right the paper dame it! Way to often I start to thinking about other problems and question that are bothering my mind. I do think that the usual hall exam is an old,  outdated way to measure the student´s knowledge. How much do you remember the minute you walk out from the exam, the day, the week, the month? The real test is to do a home exam or a paper wh, then you have to think, reason and argue. This off course work better for social science and humanist subjects.
What are your perspective? What kind of tests should we have to know how much we know and learnt during the semester? what is a proper way of measuring knowledge? I dont have the answer to that but i do know that I consider hall exam an outdated method, that is for sure.


Summer break! I have officially turned in my paper for my last course of the spring semester and now summer have decided to come with sun and warm days. The wind does not seam to be leaving us soon but that is ok as long as the sun keeps shining. The wind is even not that bad when it cools you off in the middle of thee day when your sweet is dripping. Long live the summer!