Sunday, July 31, 2011

The horrific, socialistic country Sweden

This clip does not exist on you tube and therefor I have to post it as a link. It´s a fun and ironic video about the socialist Sweden and american peoples fear of socialism. It´s a laugh!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

My favorite view of Uppsala

The capital of Scandinavia

The Stockholm promo ppl call our capital for The capital of Scandinavia. Isn´t that a bit silly? What do they mean with that? Well, no matter how silly I think their pr name is,  its still a beautiful city that I enjoy spending time in. The other day I took the train down to Sthlm to visit my friend and collaege that for the moment is hangin out in Sthlm. The train cost about 68 kroner one way and takes about 40 min and therefor it is very convenient to give the town a visit just for the day. My friend and I spent the day eating and shopping at Södermalm which often is called the SoHo of Stockholm. I guess it is a good way to describe the area but I do think that SoHo is a thousand times better, but then again I have very high thoughts about London, maybe to high. Anyhow, what I´m trying to say, even if it´s not very obvious, is that it is a nice area to walk around in. The main street often get to crowded and the Old town are just full of tourists standing in the way, taking pictures and buying crappy cheap things. I pity the poor tourist that buys so called viking helmets with horns on top. The vikings never had horn on their helmets and it is just a stupid myth that a lot of ppl seems to believe in. However I would not advice you to skip these areas because they are fun, but to experience more of the "real" Stockholm please walk to Söder. I promise you it´s rewarding.
Your international secretary

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to school

I can´t believe that all the fun is starting soon again! Soon, soon, soon will all the new students arrive to Uppsala and I´m of course particilarie exited about the foreign students coming to town. This Autumn is going to be fun, many of my friends are in the International comity with me and I am much more prepared this semester then I where for the last one.
The 22:nd of August the welcoming week is starting and with that all the fun. All the activities and the new relationships, starting to know the new country you just came to and your new home.
The week is full of activities to attend, some are just for fun and some are very informative. Everything is going to be all new and exiting for the new students. Most of them do not know anybody and that makes them a bit uncomfortable of course but most of all it makes them let go of the usual social stiffness and the all about shyness is suddenly forgotten. I´m not going to say that this is the case for everybody but for most of the newbies. Everyone will make new friends and experience new fun things. That is something to look forward to.
Your International secretary

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pain and sorrow

Norway is experience pain right now in this very moment. So are also Sweden and the other Nordic countries as well as the rest of the world. Norway is very close to us in Sweden, we speak almost the same language and we have similar cultures. But our foreign politic is very different since Norway is a part of NATO and not of EU and that is the biggest different that I can think of.
What happen to Norway also happened to Sweden and the rest of the world. The crime where a crime against humanity, nothing else.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Here are some different countries associations with Sweden that i though was funny:

Norway: Cheap, expensive, shopping, Liseberg, Stockholm.

Germany: Nature / landscape, lakes, Stockholm, moose, cold.

France: Cold, nature / landscape, snow, fjords, blondes

UK: Cold, expensive, snow, nature / landscape, Stockholm

Russia: Stockholm, nature / landscapes, skiing, cold, mountain

USA: Cold, snow, skiing, beautiful, blond people

Source: Visit Sweden

Friday, July 22, 2011

What is your image of Sweden?

Here is a list of tourists' associations when they think of  Sweden:
  1. Nature and landscape
  2. Cold
  3. Stockholm
  4. Expensive
  5. Snow
  6. Friendly, friendly people
  7. Forest
  8. Peace and quiet
  9. Cheap
  10. Lakes
  11. Plenty of space, large distances
  12. Beautiful
  13. Ikea
  14. Mountains
  15. Fjords
  16. Nice country
  17. Culture
  18. Skiing
  19. Blonde people
  20. Clean
Source: Visit Sweden

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to save money in a student world

This is not going to be a big article about how you will be able to save up to that trip that you wish to go on, this input is going to content some advice how you easily save a little, unnecessary spent  money but don´t miss out on to much.

Food: lunch boxes! They are worth gold, you save so much money on bringing them with you. Don´t worry, some nations that serve lunch have microwave ovens for the people bringing lunch boxes, so you can still join your friends that are buying lunch. An other advice is to cook much food at the same time and make a lot of boxes.If you get bored of your food, exchange boxes with your friends.

Transportation: BIKE! is the answer. You can bike almost anywhere in Uppsala and most of your friends will be biking so you would like to be able to join them. Plus, biking take less time then taking the buss in most cases. Buy a second hand bike for cheaper price, but make sure you have a good lock.

Furniture: Buy second hand from other students, much cheaper then IKEA.

Alcohol: In Sweden alcohol is very pricey to make sure that people don´t drink to much. Swedes therefor have a tradition on having pree parties before going out and just drink a drink or two out on the club. Many clubs at the nations have an entrées fee BUT if you go in before 9 it is usually free. Make sure that you know all about the Swedish alcohol laws.

Music: In Sweden we have a lot of free online programs for listening to music online, Groveshark, Spotify and so on.

Cloths: Many nations arrange flea markets and cloths libraries where you can borrow cloths.

Hope you got some got advice. Please feel free to let me know about your advice to save money

Your International secretary

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I got a newbie!

This Autumn I decided to help out and above all hang out with a newbie and being a part of what the student union in Uppsala call The buddy program. I´m really looking forward to that especially since she is French and I need to work on my French a lot! Another plus is that I already talkt some to here and she seams to be a fun and interesting person that have travel a lot. She is studying sustainable development and i know some about that program and can help her out if she have questions , I hope. Anyway, I really look forward to meeting her.

Your International secretary

Letter after 53 yrs

This news article is in Swedish, but with Google translate there is now problem reading it.

This blog

I guess this blog should not only be about everything that happens at the nations, it gets kind of one sided that way. So I decided to write more about myself and my life, at least a little bit.
Since I´m an international secretary I think it´s a part of my obligation not to only hang out in Uppsala, but to get a wider perspective of the world by traveling. This summer have been a bit spars since my student economy does´t really allow me to travel at all. But one great trip I have done this summer an that was to no other place then San Francisco! That city is one of a kind. I have just returned from there and I must say that the best thing that I appreciated wheare the weather. Maybe that sounds a bit boring but a I am one of those people that do believe that the outcome of a day really can depend on the weather. In San Fran it was not to cold, and not to warm and above all; it was sunny. SF have a lot to offer and it is hard to have time for it all if you are just a regular tourist.  I have a Top 8 I think one have to see if one is visiting this beautiful city:
1. The bay. Just to walk along it is wonderful
2. Cable cars + all the other ways of transportation the city have
3. Haigh Ashburry 
4. Twin peaks. Taking the local bus there is the best way to avoid the other tourists
5. Castro
6. The Redwoods. One needs a car to get there
7. China town
8. Alcatraz
Your International secretary