Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I want this and that!

I want a new phone, and I need one badly. My phone does not work very well right now. It won´t text or call or receive calls, except when it feels like it. I think it´s working in maybe 50% of the cases. Sometimes I can call, but the person I´m calling to can´t here me. I don´t think that is ok. Bad phone, bad bad bad phone. Soon we will have a funeral...

Your international secretary

Pub crawl!!!

1730 at VG nation. last year we where 400 students...Just saying

Your international secretary

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All night, all day

The semester have started and one can no longer turn back. And you know what? I don´t want to. I have been longing for this :)
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When will the nation cards arrive?

A lot of people are wondering about the nation card. Here is the deal: You go to a nation, join that nation and get temporary id. After that the "real" nationcard will be sent to you, it can take a wile, but not later then the 16 th. If you loose or break the temporary one you may get a new one at your nation. The temporary one you got at VG nation from the international secretaries last week is not the same one as the temporary id you get from the nation you choose.
Hope it helped a bit.

Your international secretary

Juicy Bryggan

Promised to tell you guys something juicy yesterday and the best think I can think about is that today is the last day of Bryggan at Snerikes. I´m not sure if it is a good or bad thing. I  mean I like Bryggan , it is not to bad even if i preference Velvet big time. But I feels good that it is finally over for this time. My friend could not wait for it to end, and I think I understand her, Bryggan is on ALL summer and after a wile it is not that exiting anymore. The best part with it though is that it is going to be a BIG party tonight. Bryggan squared! That is something to look forward. I would advise you to be in time though. There will be a long, long line... What can I say, people like thiere Bryggan.

Your international secretary

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Awsome bike

New bike? No, that is my old bike, but so much better. It got a light, reflectors, soon even new ones, AND new cloths. Well, maybe not cloths, but i painted it. Now my old , rusty , loud bike is tomato red and pitch black. Pretty!

Your International secretary

Taste of sweden part II

The event, a taste of Sweden, was a success. A lot of ppl showed up, but we did not have room for everyone, which was a downer. I´m happy that it was so popular and I´m thinking of having it again so that more people can enjoy it. I think I know have to correct any mistake that we might have done and make it an even better event, if possible. Kidding, of course that is possible and I think this time we might have it in the big hall. What do you think?

Your international secretary  

Cool artical

BBQ and pimp my bike!

Today we are having the BBQ at Uplands, I am hoping the weather stays sunny as long as possible. Before that the culture club is arranging "pimp my bike". I´n Uppsala it is very important to have a bike and if you not going to be here more then one or two semester you might feel more comfortable getting a cheap second hand bike. Then maybe this bike wont be that pretty so you might want to "pimp" it and make it prettier. Maybe you don´t mind the look of your bike but you want to make sure that it dosen´t  get stolen? I would recomend this event either way. I think that is going to be a lot of fun.

Your international secretary

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A tast of Sweden!

Ok, you have just arrived in Sweden and now you know how odd our language sounds and a little bit about how the town look like, but do you know how it Sweden taste? No? Well, we at Uplands offer you the possibility to taste some of Sweden. The 25:th of August Uplands´ international secretaries will make some of the tastiest dishes for you to experience. We will try to make sure to have some interesting and exotic dishes for you all. Please feel free to write in the comments if there is something you heard of and would like to try.
It will all take place at our "VIP" room in the pub and then we will join the rest of the pub guests in Uplands pub Svantes.
Looking forward to seeing you there!

Your International Secretary

Friday, August 19, 2011

Do we really care?

Apparently our crown princess and her prince are pregnant. They are supposed to be our ruler and then their baby . And it is decided by birth. Great

Uplands International Secretary

Stupid site

It was impossible to blog yesterday because of the website being down. That sucked and therefor no update. Sorry!
So whats new?Both Sneirkes and V-dala are going away for conferences and I must say it seams like a lot of fun. Uplands are having a pre- party event for the music festival next week and Stocken opened their club yesterday. Now we are only waiting for Wermalnd´s friday club and Uplands'  Thursday peasupe and all things will be up and running.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


It´s hard to make your own posters when you don´t have any experience in making nice looking posters before. I mean I can do an event poster, but it might not look to professions, unfortunately. I get my message across but that is about it. I have too work on that a bit to be honest. Now I need at least five posters so that is some space to practice on. No, frankly I will try my hardest to make them look professional. I have been around to the other nations, and they have so pretty and cool posters. Some nations have a PR group and some can afford to buy posters and I most say that I am a bit jealous of them. We can not do that to this kind of events and we do not have any PR group due to no one have taking that position. We don´t have that many members compared to the big nations, but we are not one of the small nations, we are a medium nation. Anyhow, that is the reason why I have to do my own posters and the reason why thy might not look that great. Enjoy!

Your international secretary

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Sacre bleu! I don´t think that is how it is spelled at all and right now I don´t have the possibility to look it up. My point is OMG this assignment in my French class is hard.

Your international secretary.

Monday, August 15, 2011

20 things to know about Sweden before you move here

How much coffee can you handle? do you take off your shoes when you come home?

Your international secretary

Who am I?

This is a bit of a different blog post then the ones I usually write. Lately I been thinking about traditions and manners and I realized that I might be a bit old fashion. This despite my very modern feministic and ecological, civil right view when it comes to politics and society. I want it to be possible for homosexuals to marry, I want women to have the same pay as men and I want immigrants to be treated just like anyone else. But when it comes to manner I might think like an old lady. I like when people use both fork and knife, I want people to say thank you and be polite and hold up doors and I think it is healthy for families to have their dinner together at the kitchen table. When I think of that kind of stuff I associate it with conservative people that dislike a multicultural society and are against abortion. Ok, I admit, I exaggerated  just a little bit, but I hope you guys get my point. The question is : Can it be possible to combine a modern society with good manners?

Your international secretary.

What a short weekend!

My grandmother and aunt had a birthday party together and I went up north to be a part of that. We ate and ate and ate and it was a very nice event. Now the weekend is almost over and tomorrow starts a new week of registrations at the nation. Hurray! I´m looking forward to it even though my one and only colleague have left us for a week up north. She´ll be back for the real party, the orientation week. I really hope that she will like it as much as I do, after all I was the one luring the sweet inesent girl in to this.
Last week her and I arranges a fika event at our nation and that was a some work, but a lot of fun. What to do this week? I bet we will figure something out.

Your international secretary  

Friday, August 12, 2011

Have anyone seen our ghost?

Svante Wikman is our nation ghost. The legend tells us that he was at Uplands one night and drank a lot and when he came outside he tripped and fell to an early death. He was 16 or 17 I think. Very sad, but cool story for our nation. Have anyone seen him? In that case let me know.

Your international secretary

Tierd, busy and glad

A lot of things to do right now. My school work is piling up as well  the preparations for the international events. It is ok though, I like beeing active and doing a lot of things. I have to make sure to focus on my French though, I´ll do that next week :P This week it been some French, but mostly nation stuff and driving lessons. Have to have that stupid licence. 

At least this is not me
Right now I´m  focusing on designing posters for events and making sure that everyone is having a good time at our events. I really look forward to meeting my newbie that is arriving on the 22:d of August!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Is the summer over?  Outside is very rainy and gray and dull.. I think the autumn is here, problem is, is it a good or bad thing? 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fika ideas

Yummy, yummy! That is what I would like to hear from you guys when you  come to the Balkan fika. To accomplish that I want to ask you what you would like to be served on Friday.
Your international secretarry

Music festival

WOHO! Uplands are arranging a music festival, just like last year. Local and not so local bands will be playing. I think that that will be a lot of fun. Last year I was a bit critical, I thought it was a great idea, but honestly, how many will come to a festival in the end of the summer. Luckily I was wrong, way wrong. It was a blast and I worked my ass of :P This year I will be off which feels nice. Maybe I even will have some time for a beer...

Oh yeah, the festival is called UPPTAKTEN

Your international secretary

Back in the game

Been away for a couple of  days at the island Gotland. Been a nice mini weekation but now I´m back in reality again. Gotland is a beautiful island and when I was there the "Medieval week " had started and therefor we enjoyed mideval food and music in the light of torches. The best thing was when we saw a fire show that I really apriciated. I  have seen soooo many fire showes in my life and this one was on of the better ones. Full cred to  them. The group are called TRIX and are very skilled I must say. It is a mature show and some of the kids in the audience even became scared and had to sit further back from the stage with there parents.

As I said , reality is calling, and the registration for Uplands nation have started as well, as most of the other nation. Fun, fun, fun :D Me and my dear colleague decided to make a happening of it all and planed "Balkan fika" for Friday :D. It´s between 11:00-16:30. For all new members of Uplands it will be free, for all non members it will be cheap.

Friday, August 5, 2011


Tonight my friend Tiago and his V-dala are having a BBQ and I think I might head down to that, but only if I make progress with my studies. It is high time to focus.
I´m not sure if I will BBQ even if I go. Maybe I´ll just take some picnic food with me to eat, depends on my ambitions. We will see....

Thursday, August 4, 2011


OMG! The schedule for the Welcoming week is here! I´m s exited! Please check it out! i recommend you to go to Uplands event of course :D

Ska vi plocka körsbär i din trädgård?

Now it´s on! The jam that is. The came is on the stow boiling away and hopefully it will be as tasty as last time.

Here is a song ,about picking cherries, from the Eurovicion song contest year 1975:

Your international secretary

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

No not ill!

Oh I do not want to get ill. Felt sick today when I went cherry picking. Picked a lot before we had to go home but I still don´t feel happy about me maybe being ill. I am hoping for food poison, one gets healthier faster in that case.
Your international secretary

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Easy Swedish for English speaking people

My friend posted this video on my Facebook wall because she thought it was a funny and good way to learn Swedish. I have seen this clip before but forgotten about it, but a I do agree with her and I hope you guys also like it.

Your international secretary