Friday, September 30, 2011

To laugh or cry?

I can´t tell if this is a joke or not. They can´t be serious, or can they? I really hope it is a joke....

About the moomin: "know these sick books and animations are not in wider attentions in America, but because of recent events you should know little about them. Moomins are mainly curse of Finland (where they have turned children to Satan for nearly 70 years) and northern Europe..."
See for yourself...

Your international secretary

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meeting with the BOSS

Tomorrow, my colleague and I are going to meet the 1Q (the big boss :P) and talk about the schedule for this semester. We have so much fun stuff planed out for the Autumn, can´t wait to get started! Big plans and great events! Ill keep you posted.

Your international secretary

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Uppsala, that is just all about the nations right....

A very comment mistake when you are a student in Uppsala is to only get to know the student part of the city, the west side of the river. Except for the occasional trips to Djäcknegatan with surroundings the general student tend to limit their appearance on the east side of the river. Of course there´s the train-station that takes you to the glorious capital of Scandinavia, and there is the shopping street and the cafées that we all go to, but how much more then that do you really know of Uppsala? Do me a favor and think of the last time you did not do anything that was organised by a nation, the university or had to do with one or the other of those two? Long time ago? yeah for me to. Don´t get me wrong I´m not blaming any one or saying that the student activities and building isn´t fun and beautiful! I´m just saying that we tent to live in our own little student world and there is so much to the town/ city then that. For example, we tend to think that Flogsta or Djäcknegatan is in the perferie of the city but it is NOT far away from the center at all, it is quit close when you compare it to other parts of the city. What I´m trying to say is that is so much out there to explore. The international and exchange students tend to be better at this then the Swedish one, they are craving for new things to see and do. That is why I love to work with you guys! I could go on and on all day about what you should see and absolutely not miss out on, but I think you will get bored of me, so I will save that for another time. Instead I hope that this links will give you some ideas of what to do next. enjoy and remember : Don´t hesitate to ask if you have any questions! (the local newspaper)

Most of the links have English text if you click on a english flag but otherwise I would recomend Google translat, it does quit a good job.

Your international Secretary


John Stuart Mill år 1865  Foto av John Watkins

What dose these men have in common? They are all refers to in my course literature. I wounder if the course literature of the future will have so many old men or if there is going to be any women in the litt? When are they going to start to matter?

Your international secretary

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How many?!

Who are going to the Helsinki Booze cruse with Snerkies fantastical international secretaries? The tickets are limited and a few lucky people have had they opportunity to purchased a ticket for this amazing event. Lucky people! I was initially going, but now I have other things to attend to, but I really believe it is going to be a blast for all the people that is going! It is my strongest believe that you could not have better guides for this kind of trip to the capital of Finland. Promise me to take a lot of photos so that I can pretend that I was there.

Some good sentence to know:
Hi- Moi
Thank you-Kiitos
Where is the bathroom?- Missä vässa on? 
How much is a shot of vodka?- Kuinka paljon vodkaa shoti maksaa?

There you have it; all you need to know ... but don´t ask me how to pronounce it, I have been best friends with a Finish girl for three years and have no clue how to pronounce it at all.

Your international secretary

Exam time

Studying like a maniac for the exam this afternoon. Then it´s girls night out! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Francais vs. svenska

Today, me and my newbie have practiced some languages together, and not any languages; French and Swedish. She knows French and I know Swedish and we both want to learn the other languages. It is perfect! I did not come very well prepared since I never done anything like this before, but it turned out great. My friend had her school books with her and, even though I forgotten mine, we practiced with the words that she had for homework. It went well and the sun made it all so pleasurable, we both love the sun!  Note to myself for next time though: remember to bring the books.
Your international secretary


So , what I´m trying to say is, is that wich ever club you choose to go to to night, its  win win. 

Fy! is something you tell a dog or a kid that is doing something wrong when want it to stoop. Fy is also what you say if something is taste or lock disgusting. And last, but not least, fy is what you can say about bad weather, like Fy that´s is some nasty rain. Today I want to use it on myself for not updating the blog yesterday, fy, fy!
Anyhow, despite my embarrassment I will try to update you on the latest. The weekend is here and with that some really nice events. Fika at almost all the nations and movie nights at some, Uplands and Snerkies for example and the, for those that isn't tierd of partying from last night,  clubs. V-dala and Smålands are having  clubs tonight and I would strongly recommend them,.They have the best clubs in my personal opinion  and I especially recommend V-dala, since it is my favorite even thought that I´m m quit impressed by the tiny nation Småland, that have made their club quit big.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


It better not rain today! I do not trust the Swedish whether site SMHI  but I had my doubts about the Norwegian site YR after yesterdays rain. Can it be that I can´t trust them either? It can´t be! The Norwegians are always so jolly and happy, don´t disappointing me now! It was a minor mistake, the rain yesterday, right? Nothing serious.  OK here is the deal: if it dosen´t rain my faith in you are restored! better keep your promise YR!

I dag, torsdag 22.09.2011
kl 9–1212°0 mmLaber bris, 7 m/s fra sør-sørvestLaber bris, 7 m/s fra sør-sørvest
kl 12–1814°0 mmLaber bris, 7 m/s fra vest-sørvestLaber bris, 7 m/s fra vest-sørvest
kl 18–2414°0 mmLaber bris, 6 m/s fra sørvestLaber bris, 6 m/s fra sørvest

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today: SFQ Uppsala Reception

An event I got invited to that I thought looked fun!

Are you a new student in town? Or maybe lived here for years and just discovered SFQ Uppsala and would like to know what it's all about? Come to our reception and meet the board and the members of the organisation. There will be snacks and drinks, ice-breakers anmd some info, afterwards we'll go down to the basement where Kalmar's pub is to mingle some more.

How to find the place - Go to Kalmar Nation, enter the main entrance on the ground floor and take the stairs on your right to the first floor.

If you would like to join SFQ Uppsala you can pay the member fee of 50 kr (cash) on the 21st.

Hope to see you there!
Marie and Lovisa


Slow internet

Today's internet at the library is soooo slow. I am not sure what the reason is but it is bugging the hell out of me.Can´t study either! 

new poster for the fik( fika place) at Uplands

A lot on my plate

Was at the IK meeting yesterday! The first official meeting for this semester. I feel that it will be a nice "international" semester. We have an awesome board and an awesome comity, what more can one as for?  Wile drinking our tea and coffee we and the IK discussed how the Orientations week had worked out. We were partly at VG nation, handing out a lot of information and the temporary nation IDs, partly arranging events for you to go to during the afternoons and evenings, getting to know the nations in Uppsala. It was a blast, as I have been saying so many times, I bet you all are tired of hearing me saying that. Now, we look to the future, the coming semester. When the coffee glaces were empty and almost all of the muffins were gone, we were finished with going thou the plans we have for the new year school year an I can tell you all that that is something to look forward to.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The stonage phone

My phone is dying, or as we say in Swedish: singing on its last vers. I am having trouble phoning, texting and seeing the time on the screen. i don´t think my phone is good for anything right now. Is it even a phone? Well, I guess I have to dig up some money under the madras and buy a new one. I was thinking samsung but I´m not sure. Anyone have any suggestions?

Your international secretry
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Punchlunch and the reccegasque

Proud IK president


Lägg till bildtext

Music in the aula


International students, so proud

One table at Uplands

Happy ppl


swearing the oath

Welcome to Uplands!

Thank you all for coming and thanks everyone that made my day and evening fun!
Your international secretary
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I feel like a kid when I´m saying that this is how to party, but it so much fun. Grown ups playing, cnait be better?

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Top things about the weekend

Best things:
My friends,  the gasque and making jam

Worst things :
missed the Jan Eliasson lecture and my salsa class

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Counting down...

... to the reccegasque. Now it is only two days left before it starts. For me and the other international secretaries as well as the reccehosts the party starts at 123:0 for a privet event and it is to be continued with the reccegasque and the speech in the aula at 15 dk wich means 1530 (or literary it means 1500 plus double quarter, we use the word quarter when the watch shows 15 minuits past the hour) It is a Uppsala university thing,.. Like so many other things special for only Uppsala.
The union´s poster

Your international secretary

All I want

All I want right now is to crawl backin bed to wach a movie with lith candels smelling of vanilla.

Your international secretary
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Expensive littature part II

Last night: Studying away with expensive litature and crisps and dip.
Want to rob me? Sure, all I can give you is books in Danish.

Your international secretary
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Actually the headline is a lie, I did not have fika but I did have a great lunch with my close friend and couleage at a coffee place. She had to run to her lecture afterwards but I stayed and enjoyed my second cup of coffee wile reading my course litiature on Africa after 1940. How can that not be interesting?

Your international secretary

Could it be the sun that I see?

Ice sculpture from last year

Many foreign exchange student usually have a hard time adapting to the Swedish climate and weather. They think it is to cold and to dark. But let me tell you a secret: most swedes also thinks it to cold and dark. It seams like it is impossible to adapt to it even if you are brought up with it. Then there is the snow, the snow is beautiful and amazing. It might be a problem in your everyday life with the buses not on time and the trains running late, but snow is a lot of fun. It is beautiful, it lightens up the dark winter and you can play in it. Through it, slide on it and lye in it! Skiing, skating, sledging and trowing snowballs at each other would be impossible without it. And think about how nice it is to come in from the cold snow to be rapt in a blanket sipping on hot coco.. Then winter is the best time.

Your international secretary

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ein student aus Uppsala

The famous video with the guy that skipps all over Uppsala. Not so sure I like it, but I do love the music