Thursday, November 17, 2011

Headache and sun

I did not go to the salsa club today, my friend had a headache and I did not feel like going I without her. No point of going if she were not there to dance with me. I hope there will be more opportunities soon, though. I have to cherish the time I have with my friends, soon a lot of them  will be traveling and so will I. One specific person is going to France and I could not be happier for her! I long to visit already. Imagine France in spring!  How wonderful is that? I miss France and Alpe d´Huez  sometimes. Skiing in the slops, sitting in the sun on the balcony, people watching at the ice bar. It was a nice time.Then again, when I think about it, I would not go back. I am doing what I want to do now and I am on my way to reaching my goal. France was fun, but it was nothing else then a long vacation.

This could have been a picture of me

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Orange is organizing salsa night ! The entrens fee goes to charity in Latin America. Tonight at Orange at nine there will be free salsa class and then club Viva Latina!

Maria Cecilia Brito.

I recommend

everyone to go to the free yoga at Kalmar´s today at 1700! The only thing you need is a yoga mat, or just borrow one of their blankets.

Some inspiration:

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

IC goes nation crawling

Last night the International Commitee of Uppsala´s nations went nation crawling. And what is that? one might wonder. Well, it is similar to pub crawling at the nations BUT with the only exeption that one do NOT visit the pub at the nation, but instead hang out other interesting rooms. Our theme last night was: secret rooms!
To start the evening of  we went to Gotland´s who showed us their cozy attic and let us taste the strange drink called nothing else then "Gotlands Bitter". I contained 30 herbs and it reminded me of the French drink called Chatreausse that contains from 130- 160 herbs. The Gotland´s one had a little more of a Christmas feeling, though.
Then we went to Norrland´s and after that we headed to VG, where some of us found a dirty book in the archive about the nations in the 80´s! A lot of interesting picts where found in it, some less appropriate then others...After the refreshing drinks at VG we found our way to GH and their really cozy attic where we were served their special GH beer. After that we went to Värmland´s and was shown the secret archive AND the tiniest spiral stair I have ever seen! I had trouble walking down it due to it narrowness and I´m TINY.  Småland´s was next in line and then we went to Snerkie´s and their secret libary room with some expensive books and pink cider with the taste of rhubarb. Yummy! 
After a so far successful nation crawl four of us got a bit lost since we thought the next stop was Kalmar´s. We happily walked over to Kalmar nation and looked all over the place for our friends. Finally, someone showed us the room we were supposed to go to and we were so  happy. There were only one problem though: no one opened the locked door.  With our friends in the other end of the phone we desperately tried to get them to open for us. They diden´t. The explanation why came when we after a long conversation understood that they were at Göteborg´s and not Kalmar´s. Unfortunetly we had missed out on one room, but happy as we were to find our friends again we couldn´t care less.  So next in line was Kalmar´s , finally. Their room was amazing, I must say! When the old nation house was torn down the kept this room and resembled it in the basement of the corridor house at Rundels gränd, next to Kalmar.  After visiting this historical room I had to prepare some things at Uplands wile the others went to V-dala for new adventures.  When the rest of  IC arrived to Uplands we went up to Holmgrenska on the upper floor and they all learned about our ghost Svante that died at Upland´s a long time ago. After eating a well needed meal we were all so happy and tired that we almost forgot to say good bye to Svante. 
I think we all agreed on this being the best pub/ nation crawl ever! Thank you all for an amazing time!

Your international secretary

Monday, November 14, 2011

pretty easy


The art of studying overseas

The guardian is a paper that I like and I would like to share this articlel from the very same news paper. I thought it was interesting

"All this will only be true, however, if you pluck up the courage to go out. Studying abroad can be a lonely experience, especially in the first few weeks. You do therefore need to make the effort and attend foreign student get-togethers, or to get in touch with that friend of a friend with whom you have nothing in common but temporary geography."

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My day!

This is a medieval castle about 20 min from Uppsala.
It is beautiful don´t you think? 

No words

Berlusconi... what to say? 
I found this list of blunders he have done and I just had to share it with you!

  • "Think of it as a camping weekend"Berlusconi's advice to the thousands of Italians who were left homeless after an earthquake.
  • "Earn more money!"Berlusconi's advice on Italian television for those with low incomes - in reply to the question what the government should do to help workers who only earn 1500 euros a month.
  • "Italy's detention centers are like concentration camps" Berlusconi defends Italy's much-criticized agreement with Libya to send the refugees there, rather than allowing them to disembark in Italy.
  • "I am the politics acquielent to  Jesus Christ. I am a patient victim, I can stand anything, and I sacrifice myself for everyone."
  • "Out of love for Italy, I must save it from the Left."
  • "We would need as many police officers as beautiful girls in Italy, and I think that we never reach."Berlusconi on the problems to stop the rapes.
  • "Mussolini never killed anyone. Mussolini sent people away on holiday detention."
  • "The communists may not ate to children, but they boiled them to fertilize the fields."
  • "Parma is synonymous with good cuisine. Finish people do not even know what prosciutto is. This I can not accept." Berlusconi upset about the proposal to establish an EU agency for measurement standards in Finland instead of Parma.
  • "I am unable to feel hatred."
  • Berlusconi forgives the man who threw a souvenir in his face, causing a broken nose and knocked teeth.
  • "Obama is young, stylish - and suntanned"
  • "Italy is a shitty country"
  • Berlusconi about the Italian justice system.
  • "Judges are democracy's cancer"  Berlusconi during one of many lawsuits against him, this time it was about corruption.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swedish music right now

Thought that I could share some Swedish music that is really popular now ...
This is a small selection of the Swedish music playing on all pre parties right now.
I´m not saying these are my personal favorites, but they are some of Uppsala´s student´s favorites at the moment. Remember these names and you will sound super cool at the next party, or at least not totally lost....
I´m not going to take up Veronica Maggio´s Jag kommer because that one is already old, but here is some new ones that is out there in the party world of Uppsala. Enjoy!

Oscar Linnros

Sen svenska björnstammen


Veronica Maggio

Hoffmaestro and Chraa
this one is a bit old but still popular 

And for the after party:
Melissa Horn

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

To cheer people up every day

Your international secretary

10 Fun Facts about Sweden

Ten Fun Facts About Sweden

[ Fact 1 ]
The strongest girl in the world is Swedish! 
Pippi Longstocking is the heroine in the most famous children's books in Sweden. These books were written by Astrid Lindgren and are loved by children (and adults) all over the world. They have been translated into 76 languages.
[ Fact 2 ]
All the world's flowers are Swedish!
Carolus Linnaeus – better known in the U.S. as Carl von Linné – was the first individual to successfully classify all the plants (and animals) of the world into different species and families.  He wrote the epoch-making book Systema Nature (The System of Nature) in 1735, which is still being used by botanists and zoologists today!
[ Fact 3 ]
Mysterious Moose Tracks.
A popular souvenir is the road sign for moose-crossing. Every year a huge number of these signs are stolen from Swedish roads.

[ Fact 4 ]
Swedes are known for their Innovations. 
Swedish Inventions include:
– The perfected the design of the zipper (Gideon Sundbäck).
– The marine propeller (John Ericsson).
– The refrigerator (Carl Munters and Baltzar von Platen).
– The computer mouse (Håkan Lans).
– The pace-maker (Rune Elmqvist).

[ Fact 5 ]
Swedish prize makes the biggest bang! 
The Nobel Prize Ceremonies are held in Sweden and Norway every year on December 10th. The Nobel Prizes were founded by the Swedish inventor and entrepreneur Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite in 1866.

[ Fact 6 ]
MMmmm! Yummy!
The favorite food in Sweden is usually meatballs with potatoes and lingonberry sauce. Swedish pancakes are also a favorite.

[ Fact 7 ]
Mamma Mia! Sweden is full of music! 
Sweden has produced many famous musicians and musical groups over the years. ABBA, The Hives, Millencollin, The Cardigans, Kent, and Robyn to name a few.

[ Fact 8 ]
Love to Shop? 
IKEA and H&M are both modern Swedish retail shops.

[ Fact 9 ]
Would you like to live like royalty?
You can visit Sweden's Ice Hotel, which often resembles a palace, and spend a night or two in this winter wonderland.

[ Fact 10 ]
Sweden is the land of the Midnight Sun!
Every year, Swedes celebrate Midsummer (Midsommar) on the twenty-third of June. On this longest day, in many parts of Sweden the sun never sets.
Sources: Swedish Institute, Virtual Tourist

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Events coming up!

My week have been busy, just how I like it! So far it has contained finishing an article to a magazine, finishing a paper about violence against women in Guatemala, eating an amazing soup lunch at VG (I strongly recommend it, it is everyday at 1200) and playing a lot of LoL, (yes I´m a nerd sometimes). Last but not least me and my college have planed two amazing events for you international students at Uplands. One is a Hollywood quiz and one is still a secret. I think it is going to be splendid! I have to run now, but will keep you updated about the Hollywood event!

Your international secretary!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Do you have google crome?

If you have google crome you should google "do a barrel roll" . It´s funny. I promise.

Your international secretary

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sounds like I´m selling julmust

Julmust, God I want it now! Julmust is a traditional soda we drink at Christmas here in Sweden. The reason is probably because some company came up with the idea that we should buy more during Christmas or something like that, but it´s working and is damn delicious.
I have been told that it was made as a supplement to beer, and that kind of make sens since it is malt in some of the julmust´s brands, even though most of them only taste like sugar, and whats wrong with sugar...

According to Wikipedia, the sales of Coca- cola in Sweden during Christmastimes decline 50 % due to the sales of julmust! In your face Coca-cola! On top of that Sweden drink 45 million liters of julmust during December and if that is not a prof that we like it I don´t know what is.

Here is some tips of brands to buy if you would like to drink julmust is (without any specific order) :

  • Apotekarnas julmust
  • Nygårdas julmust
  • Moras julmust
  • Hammars julmust
  • Gunsta källas julmust 
Don´t buy Ica´s or Coop´s or such!!!

BTW the recipe is secret!!!!

Next time i´ll write about glögg !!!

Your international secretary

Like a BUS!

I don´t know if I always have bad  humor or if it only is the case when I am studying... Anyhow, this is hilarious!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Even at the darkest month of the year there is light. Today is the day called Allhelgona in Sweden, it means all saints day. It is a christian holiday that is occurs every year on a Saturday between 30th of October and 6th of November. The holiday is not unusual in catholic countries and even though Sweden is not a catholic country we still kept this day. The different countries celebrates it in different ways and here in Sweden we go out to the graveyards and light candles on our dead relative´s and friend´s graves. If the grave of the loved one is in another city or the person have been cremated some people like to put a candle at the " memorial area". It is a day to honer the once that are gone and remember them for who they were. I highly recommend everyone to go and look, it is truly beautiful. Light a candle and think of life and about the once you love..

Your international secretary

Thursday, November 3, 2011


WOHOOOO!! Another club! Don´t miss out on this opportunity to dance in Upland´s amazing house all night long!!! Put on your dancing shoes and feel the base on the dance floor until 2 am!