Saturday, November 5, 2011


Even at the darkest month of the year there is light. Today is the day called Allhelgona in Sweden, it means all saints day. It is a christian holiday that is occurs every year on a Saturday between 30th of October and 6th of November. The holiday is not unusual in catholic countries and even though Sweden is not a catholic country we still kept this day. The different countries celebrates it in different ways and here in Sweden we go out to the graveyards and light candles on our dead relative´s and friend´s graves. If the grave of the loved one is in another city or the person have been cremated some people like to put a candle at the " memorial area". It is a day to honer the once that are gone and remember them for who they were. I highly recommend everyone to go and look, it is truly beautiful. Light a candle and think of life and about the once you love..

Your international secretary

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