Thursday, November 17, 2011

Headache and sun

I did not go to the salsa club today, my friend had a headache and I did not feel like going I without her. No point of going if she were not there to dance with me. I hope there will be more opportunities soon, though. I have to cherish the time I have with my friends, soon a lot of them  will be traveling and so will I. One specific person is going to France and I could not be happier for her! I long to visit already. Imagine France in spring!  How wonderful is that? I miss France and Alpe d´Huez  sometimes. Skiing in the slops, sitting in the sun on the balcony, people watching at the ice bar. It was a nice time.Then again, when I think about it, I would not go back. I am doing what I want to do now and I am on my way to reaching my goal. France was fun, but it was nothing else then a long vacation.

This could have been a picture of me

Your international secretary

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