Tuesday, November 15, 2011

IC goes nation crawling

Last night the International Commitee of Uppsala´s nations went nation crawling. And what is that? one might wonder. Well, it is similar to pub crawling at the nations BUT with the only exeption that one do NOT visit the pub at the nation, but instead hang out other interesting rooms. Our theme last night was: secret rooms!
To start the evening of  we went to Gotland´s who showed us their cozy attic and let us taste the strange drink called nothing else then "Gotlands Bitter". I contained 30 herbs and it reminded me of the French drink called Chatreausse that contains from 130- 160 herbs. The Gotland´s one had a little more of a Christmas feeling, though.
Then we went to Norrland´s and after that we headed to VG, where some of us found a dirty book in the archive about the nations in the 80´s! A lot of interesting picts where found in it, some less appropriate then others...After the refreshing drinks at VG we found our way to GH and their really cozy attic where we were served their special GH beer. After that we went to Värmland´s and was shown the secret archive AND the tiniest spiral stair I have ever seen! I had trouble walking down it due to it narrowness and I´m TINY.  Småland´s was next in line and then we went to Snerkie´s and their secret libary room with some expensive books and pink cider with the taste of rhubarb. Yummy! 
After a so far successful nation crawl four of us got a bit lost since we thought the next stop was Kalmar´s. We happily walked over to Kalmar nation and looked all over the place for our friends. Finally, someone showed us the room we were supposed to go to and we were so  happy. There were only one problem though: no one opened the locked door.  With our friends in the other end of the phone we desperately tried to get them to open for us. They diden´t. The explanation why came when we after a long conversation understood that they were at Göteborg´s and not Kalmar´s. Unfortunetly we had missed out on one room, but happy as we were to find our friends again we couldn´t care less.  So next in line was Kalmar´s , finally. Their room was amazing, I must say! When the old nation house was torn down the kept this room and resembled it in the basement of the corridor house at Rundels gränd, next to Kalmar.  After visiting this historical room I had to prepare some things at Uplands wile the others went to V-dala for new adventures.  When the rest of  IC arrived to Uplands we went up to Holmgrenska on the upper floor and they all learned about our ghost Svante that died at Upland´s a long time ago. After eating a well needed meal we were all so happy and tired that we almost forgot to say good bye to Svante. 
I think we all agreed on this being the best pub/ nation crawl ever! Thank you all for an amazing time!

Your international secretary

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