Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sounds like I´m selling julmust

Julmust, God I want it now! Julmust is a traditional soda we drink at Christmas here in Sweden. The reason is probably because some company came up with the idea that we should buy more during Christmas or something like that, but it´s working and is damn delicious.
I have been told that it was made as a supplement to beer, and that kind of make sens since it is malt in some of the julmust´s brands, even though most of them only taste like sugar, and whats wrong with sugar...

According to Wikipedia, the sales of Coca- cola in Sweden during Christmastimes decline 50 % due to the sales of julmust! In your face Coca-cola! On top of that Sweden drink 45 million liters of julmust during December and if that is not a prof that we like it I don´t know what is.

Here is some tips of brands to buy if you would like to drink julmust is (without any specific order) :

  • Apotekarnas julmust
  • Nygårdas julmust
  • Moras julmust
  • Hammars julmust
  • Gunsta källas julmust 
Don´t buy Ica´s or Coop´s or such!!!

BTW the recipe is secret!!!!

Next time i´ll write about glögg !!!

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