Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swedish music right now

Thought that I could share some Swedish music that is really popular now ...
This is a small selection of the Swedish music playing on all pre parties right now.
I´m not saying these are my personal favorites, but they are some of Uppsala´s student´s favorites at the moment. Remember these names and you will sound super cool at the next party, or at least not totally lost....
I´m not going to take up Veronica Maggio´s Jag kommer because that one is already old, but here is some new ones that is out there in the party world of Uppsala. Enjoy!

Oscar Linnros

Sen svenska björnstammen


Veronica Maggio

Hoffmaestro and Chraa
this one is a bit old but still popular 

And for the after party:
Melissa Horn

Your international secretary

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